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  • Original brand-new SANYO high quality cells.

  • ZOHD Lionpack batteries will never puff and become unsafe like a Li-Po.

  • ZOHD Lionpack batteries can be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the pack. ZOHD Lionpack batteries can be charged over 350 times and still store 85% of its original capacity.

  • High quality fireproof heat shrink outer skin.

  • Double heat shrink over XT terminals for extra protection.

  • Compact size.

  • Light weight

  • Extra XT30-DC2.5 Converter (2S version), now you can power your FPV goggles with the same pack!

  • Ideal power solution for all RC hobby products, including RC cars, boats, etc...

  • Extra balance charger protector, don’t kill your charging wires!

  • Extra RED/GREEN XT30/60 Protector, protect your connector and show you the energy status at any time... basic but very useful.

  • Extra ZOHD battery strap and Velcro to keep those batteries in place.

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Cell Model: SANYO NCR18650GA Capacity: 3500mAh

Constant current: 1550mA
Maximum Charge Voltage:4.2V per cell

Max. Charge Current: 3.2A (2S) 6.4A (4S)

End voltage: 2.5V per cell
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 10A

Weight: 108g/3.81oz (2S)

Weight: 210g/7.41oz  (4S)
Dimensions: 70mm * 38mm * 19.4mm (2S)

Dimensions: 72mm * 38mm * 38mm  (4S)

Power Lead: 100mm / 3.94in XT30 (2S) XT60 (4S)
Balance Lead: 40mm / 1.57in 

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