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ZOHD Nano Talon BLACK OP: Product
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Explore the world from a truly bird’s eye view perspective

When the ZOHD Drift was planned, we have some very specific goals in mind, but probably the most important one was to make it easy to fly. In that regard, we may exceed our expectations since the Drift, equipped with Kopilot Lite, is so nimble and stable that even an absolute beginner with a very short explanation of the controls can fly it successfully. Being ultra-light and ultra-resistant will survive the “not so perfect” landings you put her through. We believe that the ZOHD Drift is the perfect plane for beginners to get started in FPV and for a relaxed and precise adventure for intermediate and advanced pilots.


  • Super easy to hand launch and slow fly, agile and accurate

  • Detachable main wing and tail boom, glue-free assembly, ultra-portable

  • Durable EPP material, built-in CF spar for enhancement, crash resistant.

  • Being light-weight will be safe to fly anywhere, anytime. You’re avoiding the hassle of an FPV registration or other inconveniences

  • 2S 18650 capable

  • Nose camera bay compatible with all FPV and AIO and HD Mini cameras in the market.

  • Special designed H-bracket for the main wing, makes it super solid and tough. Built-in CF rod in the ailerons and elevator will give precision and sharp action to your inputs.

  • Dedicated equipment bay for Flight Controller (ZOHD Kopilot Lite) and GPS. The optimized air-cooling design will keep your gear safe from overheating

ZOHD Nano Talon BLACK OP: Text
ZOHD Nano Talon BLACK OP: Text


Item Name: DRIFT

Material: High Quality EPP

Wingspan: 877mm (34.52'')

Length: 688mm (27.08'')


OPTION A (2S Version)

Motor: 1406-2600KV
ESC: 30A w/5V 2A BEC
Servos: 4.3g*2, 8g*1
Propeller: 2 blade 5x5
Recommended Battery:
Lipo 2S 900-1500mAh
ZOHD Lionpack 18650 2S1P 3500mAh


OPTION B (3S Version) 

Motor: 1406-2600KV ESC: 30A w/5V 2A BEC Servos: 4.3g*2, 8g*1 Propeller: 3 blade 3x5x3 Recommended Battery: Lipo 3S 800-1100mAh


(*) Batteries are not included.

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ZOHD Nano Talon BLACK OP: Video
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