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ZOHD Orbit Neon is the world first snap-n-fly portable FPV wing with built-in LED for night flying. It is easy to hand launch and fly super stable, the Orbit wing is very convenient to carry with because the detachable main wing can be assembled easily by plugs, meanwhile the new crash absorption system will save the plane even in a hard crash. The built-in servo structure makes the airfoil more aerodynamic and avoid damage even in a crash.

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- Built-in ZOHD Stabilization Unit make the Orbit wing super stable flyers, very easy to control. 
- Autonomous fly directly after hand-launch, never crash when take-off.
- Soldering-free built-in LED for main wings and nose, easy to plug and unplug in seconds.
- Multiple bonus camera mounts, compatible with GP H3/H4, RC2 HD, FX HS1177 and many more!
- EPP molded wing, built-in carbon fiber spar for reinforcement, super light and flexible!
- Detachable main wings with our acclaimed snap-n-fly system, will save the plane even in a hard crash.
- Designated room inside fuselage for FPV gear
- “NACA” air-intake in nose and air-outlet in tail for better cooling.
- Self-tighten prop nuts for secure prop mounting
- CG bumps under wings for perfect balance at the airfield.

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Item Name: Orbit Neon
Material: Crash Resistant EPP

Wingspan: 900mm (35.43'')

Length: 422mm (16.61'')

Motor: 2204-1870KV

ESC: 30A w/5V 1A BEC

Servos: 8g digital servo

Prop: 6*3

Wing Area: 19.8dm²

Wing Load: 60.6g/dm² (Max.)

Flying Speed: 25-100+km/h
Package Weight: 1.1kg
Package Dimension: 47.0*26.6*14.0cm

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