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ZOHD Nano Talon BLACK OP: Product
Delta Strike-14.png

Delta Strike

A new Era: MKIII

We've touched every possible corner when it comes to fixed wing FPV platforms: Long range, speed, sub 250 grams and everything in between. Now is time to explore something new, a new feel, a higher challenge...


We're proudly introducing you the NEW Delta Strike, the Eachine's first production FPV 50mm EDF jet, with built-in 180° pan servo! 


Continuing with the killer looking of her MKIII sibling (the Alplha Strike) The Delta Strike presents a new challenge for FPV pilots. Anyone who has flown EDF jets before knows that they handle nothing like a propped plane. You will need to be much more skilled with throttle management and air speed, specially in turns.


The EDF propulsion system adds also a safety feature: No risk to get your fingers chopped in a funky hand launch!


All of that combined with the amazing sound and the immersive experience of the 180° pan to look over your wings in the turns, will give you an improved and amazing FPV experience.


  • World's first 50mm EDF FPV Wing wl built-it pan servo

  • Innovative designed airfoil and aerodynamic airframe

  • Unique and charming“turbine" sound when flying

  • With custom-designed servo bay on top of fuselage for a 180° Pan view

  • ZOHD MKIII blended wing body configuration

  • Clever air cooling design to protect your FPV gear

  • Spacious room inside fuselage for batteries and FPV gear

  • Detachable wings, tail fin and nose, portable and easy to pack

  • EPP molded airframe, built in carbon fiber spar for enhancement

  • Specially-designed servo arm“bunker' structure will protect your servo arm from impacts and minimize drag

  • Ball head buckle linkage for ailerons, high efficiency and more accurate

  • Molded marks for“CG”under the wing

  • Molded hand grip slots for a worry-free hand launch

  • 'inside- the cockpit like'' Immersive experience 

  • Looks AMAZING in the sky! 


  • Material: High-Quality EPP

  • Wingspan: 600mm (23.66'')

  • Length: 610mm (24.02'')

  • Min. Speed: Around 30km/h

  • MAX Flying Speed: 120 km/h (with recommended setup)

  • Recommended Max Takeoff Weight: 750g

  • Power Combo (Only Included in PNP Version):

  • EDF: 50mm with 2611 4000KV motor

  • ESC: 40A w/5v 3A BEC

  • Servos: 9g *3PCS (1pc 180 Degree for Camera)

ZOHD Nano Talon BLACK OP: Text
ZOHD Nano Talon BLACK OP: Text
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ZOHD Nano Talon BLACK OP: Video
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