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Talon GT "Rebel"

The Talon GT “Rebel” is the continuation of our new series called MKII, started with the highly acclaimed Dart XL “Extreme”. This series will feature an incredible set of high quality and ORIGINAL innovations, intended to give you the FPV aircraft for casual, mid and long range.

Talon GT is one of the most capable FPV planes in 2019, regardless wingspan and price. Can compete in range and speed with planes twice as big and twice the cost without blinking. Specifically design to fly with modern flight controllers, high power video transmitters and long range systems, Talon GT will give you the best FPV experience to date. Easy assembly, setup and maintenance… A true king of the skies!

ZOHD Talon GT "Rebel": Product


- Thanks to its revolutionary and careful design, the plane performs and looks like no other in the market.
- Small size airframe optimized for long range and portability, marrying the best from the old school with cutting-edge production technologies. 
- Carefully chosen airfoil gives the aircraft an incredible lift power and excellent handling in any circumstances.
- Detachable wing and tail make it portable for an easy transport and deploy.
- Keeping the tradition: Familiar V tail layout, easy to set up.
- Fly Green: New ZOHD’s exclusive BEPP material isn’t only crash resistance, but even more important: 100% biodegradable. Future generations will thank you for that.
- Light-weight composite hard nose for better protection of your expensive camera gear
- Multi-camera nose: Compatible with 99% of the FPV and HD cameras in the market: Runcam HD, 2, 3S, Swift, Eagle, Split, GoPro H4-5-6-7, Session and much more!
- Reversed wingtips, provide more lift force and ensure a super efficient wing surface
- Carefully engineered wing fences. 
- Reinforced pushrods for better overall performance and safety.
- Load it as much you want with a huge equipment bay! 
- Computer designed optimized air flow po d, that maximizes cooling, reducing the risk of crashes for overheated electronics. No more DIY foam cutting!
- Impact resistant protection cover for main wings leading edge and belly will keep your plane away from wear and tear.
- Built-in carbon fiber tube inside main wings for enhanced performance and rigidity.
- Built-in carbon fiber square rod reinforcement all along the fuselage. 
- Exclusive VTX / RX bays with excellent air flow and away from interferences.
- U-stand for comfort and convenience while setting up the plane. Ideal to level any kind of flight controller in the workbench.
- Full spare parts supply available, worry free fun.

ZOHD Talon GT "Rebel": Text


Product Name: ZOHD Talon GT "Rebel"
Material: Biodegradable BEPP

Wingspan: 1000mm(39.37'')

Length: 660mm(25.98'')

Motor: 2216-1300KV

ESC: 40A w/5V 3A BEC

Servos: 9g Metal Gear 

Prop: 8x5

Wing Area: 14dm2

Wing Load: 92.8g/dm2(Max.)

Recommended Battery: 4S 3300-4400mAh

Flying speed: 30-100+km/h

ZOHD Talon GT "Rebel": Text


ZOHD Talon GT "Rebel": Gallery
ZOHD Talon GT "Rebel": Video
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